What is it, exactly?

Think of Coupld like a gym for your relationship, minus the sweating.

The benefits of a happy relationship are pretty obvious, right? They make us, well, happier. But like all things we care about, they sometimes need a bit of attention to stay in the best condition. And that’s where Coupld can help.

By combining the leading insights in relationship science and positive psychology with coaching practices, Coupld delivers sessions designed to keep your relationship in tip-top shape. A bit like working out with a qualified personal trainer - but more fun and fewer squats.

The new relationship service

Relationship Coaching & Relationship Advice

Why do it?

You don’t need a psychologist to tell you that a stable, loving and fulfilling relationship can have a huge impact on your happiness.

Coupld's coach-led sessions are driven by the results of empirical research studies that tell us how to improve relationship quality and satisfaction. With lasting effect too. Boosted relationship quality predicts greater life satisfaction, wellbeing and health for many years to come.

Or, quite simply, do it for the joy of being in a really good place together. For the happy feeling of knowing you are well-equipped to look after your greatest ‘wellbeing asset’. For a little voyage of discovery with your partner in crime...

Who's it for?

If you’re committed to each other. If you care about having fun and trying new things. If you prioritise your relationship. If you know there's always more to discover and learn about each other. And if you believe in the power of happy relationships...

Then Coupld is for you.