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A note from Ellie...

'The Date' was a one-off service I used to offer, which as you can see, couples loved. But don't worry, it's not really gone. You'll find the content in the first few Coupld Membership sessions instead. In fact, we go even deeper. Why the change? Well after seeing how enjoyable and disarming the activities were, it seemed to make the perfect ice-breaker. Speaking to a third person, like me, about your relationship can be intimidating. The content of The Date was anything but. So now a new, improved and extended version of The Date creates your introduction to Coupld.

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I had noticed The Date on the Coupld Instagram page and like many things thought it sounded interesting and never went back to it. Roll on lockdown 2.0, two children, homeschooling and 2 full-time jobs, and 'we' seem to fall to the bottom of the pile. I was researching some interesting ideas for us to do of an evening, as it feels like we have faced too many months now sat uncommunicative in front of Netflix, and decided that this could be a more productive way to spend our time.


We weren't experiencing any issues per se, but know that we always feel closer after spending some quality time together. I contacted Ellie and found out a bit more about the evening. I was relieved to hear it wouldn't be cringy and it wasn't counselling. It was more about having a deeper than usual conversation with some interesting prompts from Ellie, who comes with a wealth of insight and research behind her.


When the session started, we discussed the sorts of things you might ask someone you don't know so well at a dinner party. I won't reveal the content as that spoils the session but we had a lot of laughs, reminisced, and understood a bit more where our heads are at at the moment.


We did it just before Christmas and one of the things I had flagged was I was totally bored of doing more than my fair share of the cooking and low and behold, Tim took on cooking the Christmas lunch. We are both more appreciative of each other and would really say it had a positive impact, definitely more so than yet another night of Netflix!

Anita and Tim, The Date

What a great way to spend an evening! I wasn't sure quite what to expect but Ellie instantly put us at ease and the ninety minutes flew by, full of giggles and warm fuzzy feelings about the things that brought us together when we first met. I'd recommend The Date for any couple looking for a fun and relaxed evening, learning more about each other and exploring your relationship dynamic at the same time.





The Date was fun, nostalgic and insightful all rolled into one. We enjoyed re-telling the tale of our early dates (everyone likes talking about themselves, right?!) and doing some exercises with Ellie that made us appreciate different aspects of our relationship. I'd recommend it as the perfect way to find some time to check-in and remind yourselves why you first fell for each other.

Angela and...

...Richard, The Date

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My favourite date night in a long time! We’re so glad we did it despite some initial hesitations, like feeling that to give it a go, something was “wrong” with our relationship. It was also difficult to convince Ryan to do it!! But in the end, we both loved it, especially reminiscing about falling in love. It's something we used to look back to far more frequently, so it felt so lovely and nostalgic to think about those early days so many years later.


Since the session, we’ve been communicating so much better. We are much more receptive to each other’s love languages and understanding each other’s perspectives on situations across so many different aspects of life. It's changed the way we speak to each other from the smallest things such as doing the dishes, to the more important things, like financial decisions. We also have more awareness and empathy of how each other is feeling.


Your relationship doesn't need to have "issues" or similar to benefit from this! We used the service just before getting married, so if anything, we were super excited about spending our lives together. It just gave us a relationship refresh and more of an appreciation of each other. It’s such a lovely way to spend time together, but also to understand what is important to each other to help you grow together as a couple and have solid foundations in your relationship. We 100% recommend!

Supriya and Ryan, The Date

We really loved every second of each session. Having been together for 7 years we enjoyed reminiscing about past aspects of our relationship and also discovered and learned new things about each other. The sessions are super relaxed and fun but with some really interesting science and psychology underpinning it all. Ellie flexes her style and facilitating brilliantly to suit our pace and style of session we wanted. We ended up viewing them as special date nights, always looking forward to the next one!



I'm a qualified coach so loved the idea of getting coaching for our relationship and the sessions absolutely didn't disappoint. Ellie makes you feel so relaxed and really helps you get into the flow of the sessions. Our conversations felt so natural, we could almost forget she was coaching! A testament to how comfortable she made us feel.

My fiancé wasn't sold on the idea, but after doing The Date, which brought back so many great feelings about when we first met, he was completely on board! After that we were miscommunicating less and then the sessions in The Membership helped us to better understand our communication styles and some of the niggly bits of our relationship (even after 7 years together and considering ourselves pretty expert at talking things out). We have an 18-month-old and have struggled to spend time on us since he was born, and the sessions have got us back into investing in our relationship again. I couldn't recommend more.

Joe and...

...Becki, The Membership

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We were looking to do something different for a date night and voilaaa we came across Coupld. With a devilishly handsome boyfriend, who initially thought he was going into couples therapy, and a shed load of gin... We got dressed up and took the Coupld plunge with the ever lovely Ellie.

Not only was it a magnificent evening and a completely different type of date night, it was so far from anything we both expected. We went back to the beginning, reminisced about everything, had an absolute laugh and came out of it feeling absolutely on top of the world about our relationship. Even my dubious boyfriend would do it again!
Particularly with everything going on in the world, Coupld highlighted for both of us that it’s the things you take for granted every day that should make you happier than ever!

Ben and Rachel, The Date

Lottie and...

As a couple who have been together since our teens (nearly 13 yrs!) and happily married for 1 year, we didn't feel that we needed 'coaching' and thought that this might not be beneficial for us. We couldn't have been more wrong!


We had so much fun and we both felt amazing afterwards. We were initially nervous about what it would entail but Ellie made us feel comfortable straight away and we learnt so much about ourselves as individuals as well as our relationship and how we can strengthen our partnership. There was lots of laughing, a few surprises and amazing insight in to how we work as a couple. It was also lovely to reminisce about how we met and the old days that we rarely take the time to revisit.


After thinking that coach-led quality time would be awkward and intrusive, we now realise how incredible it can be and that sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction to feel more connected than ever! Days later, we still feel extremely close to each other and have fully taken on board some of the things we learnt. I wholeheartedly recommend Coupld and believe that EVERY couple would benefit from this experience. Thank you Ellie!

When Lottie arranged for us to have a date session with Ellie, I was sceptical as to how useful it would be and wasn't too keen... But Ellie quickly made us feel comfortable and challenged us to think about our relationship in new ways, and the hour and a half flew by! I understand why having 'relationship coaching' may not appeal to some people, especially as a guy, but my mind has officially been changed. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, found it really beneficial and would even consider doing another coach led date night in the future!

...Sam, The Date


Lauren and...

Having been together for 6 years, I didn't think we could possibly learn anything new about each other, but the exercises we did with Ellie were as enlightening as they were fun.


The Date was super relaxed and enjoyable, and we felt so rejuvenated as a couple for days and weeks afterwards. It brought to the surface the amazing memories and feelings from the early days of our relationship. It left us on a real high. We would highly recommend this to any couple looking for a fun and positive way to keep the spark alive.



I was apprehensive when Lauren asked me about doing a couples session as I immediately thought, therapy! We don't need that... But from the moment our date night experience started, it was great! Really enjoyable and relaxed but also still had a lot of purpose and meaning. We learned a lot about each other and it's made us more aware of how we communicate and connect on a daily basis. Ellie certainly has the knack to put you at ease which was really important to me. I would highly recommend it to everyone!!

...Dan, The Date