What is it, exactly?

A monthly subscription service giving you access to private online coaching sessions and curated activities and resources to do in your own time too.

The Coupld Membership has been designed for busy people, just like you. In relationships it's the small things done often that really count. This is why the one-of-a-kind service offers regular moments of connection - in a fun and accessible package, that slots easily into your life.

Each month you'll get:

  • A 1hr coach-led session, tailored to your particular relationship needs

  • A quick, easy and engaging video activity to do together

  • 'Secret Missions' such as: 'Give your partner an unusual compliment this week'

  • A monthly curated round-up of the best content to consume on love, relationships and families (think articles, podcasts, products and more), delivered to your inbox

  • On-going access to me, Ellie, in a private WhatsApp group, which helps to ensure you get the most out of your membership

The Coupld Membership

Let’s face it, happy relationships don’t just happen by chance.

It takes consistent work - kind of like staying fit. Even though we might be in great shape right now, if we start neglecting things we’ll soon notice the difference. And, with consistent work, there’s always room for a new personal best. That's why the Coupld Membership takes a long-term approach. Because we all want our relationships to be marathons, not sprints, right?


Did you know?

When researchers recorded snippets of people's conversations, perhaps unsurprisingly, those that talked more with their partner were happier. And those who engaged in meaningful discussions, rather than functional admin chit-chat, were happier still.

How is it bespoke?

Every relationship is different.

That’s why each couple needs a personalised approach. Together we'll create a perfectly tailored selection of sessions, with room for flexibility too. With topics such as finances, work-life balance, children, future goals and even housework, you'll have plenty to choose from!

Sure! Hear more about Coupld sessions in this video.

Can you tell me more?

In this clip, I'll tell you how sessions are structured. You'll find out about the different kinds of exercises I use - with examples too. The IKEA Challenge is a particular favourite... What would you two discover from doing it?

  • Unique and engaging activities inspired by the science of happiness

  • A relaxed, enjoyable but structured approach

  • Made for busy couples

  • A long-term approach to grow together, not apart

  • Low risk - you can cancel your membership benefits any time!

What's next?

I'm willing to bet that Coupld is unlike anything you've tried before.

Which makes it pretty exciting - but also a step into the unknown. That's why I've designed a free, informal 30-minute session, in which you can do some of the relationship-boosting activities that make the sessions so special. This way, you can find out if it’s right for you and give yourselves a little surge of happiness at the same time… It’s win-win!