Hi there! I'm Ellie.

Your relationship coach.

What are your qualifications?

I have a master's degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford, a counselling certificate from The Minster Centre in London and I trained and qualified in Transformational Coaching at Animas Centre for Coaching, the leading coaching school in London. I’ve combined all my unique skills and experience to give you Coupld.

Ellie Baker Relationship Coach
Why did you set up Coupld?

I wanted to create the relationship service my partner and I would use. Something that feels fun and relaxed, but genuinely meaningful and scientific. We both want to invest in us, but in a way that feels exciting and a bit novel too. I’ve never been taught how to “do” relationships, so with my psychologist hat on, I started to read what the research tells us and apply it to my own. The application was the trickiest part. We needed the process formalised. A set time we’ve both committed to, which we can’t easily get out of. Someone to hold us accountable. Otherwise it’s all too easy to just slide through life together. Given how crucial our relationships are to our happiness, health and general wellbeing, it seems kind of crazy we don’t take a more proactive and intentional approach to them.

So, the idea was born!

Where are you based?

I'm at the beginning of a new adventure in L.A! After living in London for over 8 years and growing up nearby, it was time to take the opportunity to try a different lifestyle. For a bit, at least. Our relationships with our friends and family are hugely important to us, so they won't be getting rid of us for that long. I started designing the sessions whilst living through Lockdown 1.0 in London, so they're perfectly suited to Zoom calls. For the foreseeable future, we'll have our sessions on there. Very 2020.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

Ideally, the sun would be shining! We'd start the day with a nice long walk - one of my favourite activities. The afternoon would be spent somewhere outside with friends. There would be drinks and salty, fried potatoes to hand at all times! I love to cook and host dinner parties, so the evening would involve exactly that. We'd eat lots, drink wine and play games. And naturally, the night would end with an interpretative dance competition.

What will you do during sessions?

I’m your impartial guide. I’ll present you with the exercises and activities and then you’ll explore and discover together. I’ll also be there to help you talk constructively about the niggly issues. The sessions are all about you two, so I’ll be asking lots of questions, but you’ll ultimately decide what to bring up and what you’d rather keep private. I’ll offer up tips and theories, based on psychological research, but it won't be like school. You’ll learn lots, but through doing, reflecting, and talking, while I worry about keeping it structured, focused and productive.

What's your relationship pet peeve?

Teeny tiny little spats about housework. I would definitely ask to discuss that in a session, to really iron out exactly how to divvy it up. Excuse the pun. Psychologists have found that we all tend to overestimate what percentage of the household chores we do. Which can be maddening when you both think you’ve done 80% of the washing up that day!

What would you make socially acceptable if you could?

People talking to each other on public transport during their commutes. Think of all the potential romances!

What's your favourite condiment?

Obviously Hellmann’s mayonnaise. I’m fiercely brand loyal. It's called 'Best Foods' here on the West Coast. And I agree entirely.

Did you write these questions for yourself?

Yes. Yes, I did. Keep scrolling to find out more about me from my clients instead. Or better yet, head to the testimonials page.

Have more questions? 

"Ellie flexes her style and facilitating brilliantly to suit our pace and the style of session we wanted."

Joe, dad to an energetic toddler

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