Which sounds most like you?

This'll give you a clearer idea of how our sessions would be tailored.

Everything feels great between you. And seeing as your relationship is so important to you both, you want to keep things fresh and make sure you stay feeling connected. You're up for trying new things together and you're always curious to discover and learn more about one another. You have a passion for self-development, so looking after your greatest 'wellbeing asset' is a crucial investment for you.

You’ve been together for years and been through lots of pivotal life events. You’ve got a really good relationship, but sometimes you feel like you might be drifting along. You're just going through the motions. When you get to spend quality time together, like going out for dinner, you tend to only talk about the surface stuff, the life admin. You’d be keen to reinvigorate things and revisit those feelings you had at the very beginning. Maybe even iron out a niggle that’s been coming between you a bit.

You’re gearing up to a big life event. Maybe you’re starting, or adding to, your family. Perhaps you're changing careers, moving house or even moving abroad. It feels like there’s a lot to think about together. And potentially lots of changes in the way you do things. You want to talk constructively about the future: how to plan your move, how to approach parenting, how to deal with your finances…

Everything is ticking along really well, but life is hectic. Perhaps you've got a couple of children, ageing parents or mounting work pressures. That's to say, you have a lot on your plate. It would feel great to have dedicated time locked into the diary to make sure your relationship doesn't start to coast. You’re totally committed to one another and want to ensure you can weather any storm.

None of the above? Why not book in for a taster session - roughly half a session - for free. You'll get the chance to discuss where you're both at and what you'd be looking for from Coupld.


Without any specific areas or issues to deal with, your sessions will explore topics that are at the heart of every relationship. How you communicate together, your strengths, values and goals - and lots more. The sessions will be jam-packed full of structured, relationship-boosting exercises to give you fresh new insights and to strengthen your bond.

Let's take you back to the days when you gave each other your full, undivided attention. You’ll complete tasks that encourage you to reminisce, get curious and show your appreciation for one another. These are the little acts that research has shown have a big impact on relationship intimacy. You’ll also have semi-structured sessions that give you more time for solution-focused discussions. Perhaps your chosen topics, or anything else that might need airing.

The goal here is to keep your relationship strong, so that you can take on whatever life throws at you. Your sessions will help you celebrate the good stuff, which is important to do when something exciting is on the horizon, but you'll also dedicate time to exploring areas of concern in a purposeful, solution-focused manner. Really unpicking topics is easily avoided, but by doing so constructively, you’ll feel prepared and on the same page.

Give yourselves a time to check-in, smooth out kinks and celebrate what’s been going well. You’ll get the chance to set yourselves small, manageable goals so that your relationship keeps getting better and better. You'll notice the benefits at home and feel inspired by the journey you're on together. Studies have shown that regular check-ins significantly improve relationship intimacy and satisfaction. They could even buffer against relationship decline.